6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 with Standard Radiation Shield and Console

This product is a wireless station that contains an wireless ISS with Standard Radiation Shield and wireless Console display.

β“πŸ‘‰I ordered batteries for the vantage pro and got non-rechargeable batteries for it. Why are rechargeable batteries not the default replacement?

  • Mine came with an AC adapter for the indoor console. But they recommend running it on batteries (3 - C batteries) which are expected to last close to a year. The ISS transmitter uses an ultra-capacitor which is backed up with a lithium non-rechargeable battery. If the unit is mounted high with the panels facing south and the sun shines every day, the back up will never be used. If the unit is mounted in the shade, the battery backup is supposed to last around 8 months. They say typically the backup battery should be replaced every 2 years. If the battery backup fails, the ISS will typically still work all day and most of the time at night. Small rechargeable batteries out doors don't stand up to well below zero temperatures in winter and the heat of being in the sun in summer will greatly shorten their life. The lithium battery they recommend for backup is probably the best technology for the conditions this unit is designed for.

  • I use non-rechargeable batteries (3 C batteries) and they last at least a year. I change out the batteries every January 1st. I just plug in the A/C adapter to save the data while I change the batteries. I don't think the A/C adapter would recharge the batteries in the unit.

  • The Vantage Pro2 does not use rechargeable batteries. In fact there is no battery recharger in the ISS (transmitter). The solar panel charges up an ultra-capacitor, which runs the station through the night. The battery is simply a fall-back to be used once the ultra-capacitor is depleted. This happens when the capacitor doesn't get a full day's worth of sun. The ultra capacitor can go through many more charge-discharge cycles without maintenance than nearly any rechargeable battery design available today. The downside is that its storage capacity isn't as great as a battery, but it's generally enough to get the station through the nighttime hours.

  • Technically, you can use a rechargeable battery, but you will have to remove it to recharge it. Given that the battery in the ISS should only need replacement every couple of years (provided it is sited in full sun), a rechargeable battery probably will not provide any meaningful benefit.

β“πŸ‘‰This tripod stand included in the sale as well as the software to download the data?

  • Those are separate purchases. I'm on my second Davis system. Easy to use and the indoor console stores data for weeks, so when I go on vacation for 3 weeks, I can come back and access all of the data from the time I was gone. I mount mine on a telescoping flag pole. Sort of an expensive alternative, but it's easy to access the parts for maintenance and put everything at the proper heights.

β“πŸ‘‰Can a vantage vue display console read info from a vantage pro2 set up? meaning, can I use both consoles to view from pro2 system?

  • Yes, absolutely you can use both Pro2 and Vue consoles to view data from a Pro2 transmitter.

  • Yes, it can. I had a vantage vue first. after using it for years I purchased a Vantage Pro 2. I have it set up with one display in my wife's office and one in mine

β“πŸ‘‰Does the system come with a usb port or do i have to buy davis usb software? i already have virtual weather station software for data logging.

  • WeatherLink with standard Data Logger, is the "Davis software" and a "data connection" the connects your Davis weather station to your PC using a USB port. The data logger stores information even when your computers is turned off or not connected. It includes Davis Weather software that links your Davis weather station to your computer, but Davis software has poor reviews. I hear you can use the data logger with other, better software though. Comes with a data logger that fits in all Vantage Pro and Vue systems. User-Selectable storage interval, choose 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes Weather Website, create a weather website or post weather conditions to a LAN.

β“πŸ‘‰I've already got a linux box logging data 24x7 from our solar power system. What are the chances of using that instead of a Windows PC?

  • I think that eventually you will need the PC to give you maximum flexability in coallating and or flash graphing your data base.

  • The Davis software is for Windows. I did read that one gentleman had been making a Linux version but do not know if he is still doing it. You would have to do a net search

β“πŸ‘‰How high can the winds be before the station falls apart and blow away?

  • Davis says on its website that the sensor is wind tunnel tested to 200 mph. This assume no damage from flying debris and a securely anchored and guyed mount.

  • Mine survived two hurricanes and came out without a scratch. The only thing I've lost over the years is that little striner thing you put in the rain collector. I simply put in a standard drain screen (for sinks) in there instead.

  • That, depends upon how well you secure the equipment to whatever your structure is.

β“πŸ‘‰Does this particular weather station read altitude? being a new pilot weather is extremely important to me and my flights.

  • No it does not. It is a ground station that will give you the weather at its current location.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by altitude. No it does not tell you how high you are, you have to enter that and its a static feature that is used for the forecasting only. There is a barometer that would change based on your altitude, but this would service you no purpose, it was designed to be entered in corrected to sea level.

  • No; however, altitude is a required to be programmed into the unit when setting it up, as are the GPS coordinates. I believe this information is necessary for the unit for humidity and barometric pressure trending, as the unit does some forecasting.

  • No, it does not. You can approximate the elevation of the station if you know the topographic elevation where the station is located, plus its height above the ground.

β“πŸ‘‰Does it come with the bird guard on the rain collector like is shown on the Davis web site?

  • Yes it does. Package of thin rods that insert into the top edge of the rain collector.

  • Mine did. I only used about half of them to discourage the bird population.

  • Yes it does, I'll have to remove all of them to cover the collector for the winter months?