Davis 6152C Cabled Vantage Pro2 ISS and console only

This product is a cabled version that contains an cabled ISS and cabled Console display.

β“πŸ‘‰Can I add a wireless sensor to the cabled set?

  • No, the cabled set will not accept any wireless sensors. You may add Solar and UV sensors to the cabled ISS although.

  • I doubt it. Obviously you need a sender and a receiver for the wireless setup. I can't see them including a wireless receiver in the cabled version. That being said, perhaps some adapter might be available to do this.

  • No, as there is no radio in the cabled version of the station.

β“πŸ‘‰Is there a cable that can connect the console to the PC, or do I have to buy the Weatherlink USB or Serial adapter?

  • Need to get weatherlink data logger usb cable assy #06510usb

  • You have to buy the adaptor. We don' have ours hooked to our internet as we have heard it really slows down the connection.

  • You will need to purchase the USB or Serial adapter and then download the data to your computer using the included WeatherLink software.

  • You can buy the kit that Davis sells to connect the weather station to your PC.

  • Yes you need to buy the USB or Serial adapter.

β“πŸ‘‰Does this kit come with everything you need to have it installed?

  • Yes it comes ready to install and with the addition of the Ip weather link you could put it on the internet and have remote readings from were ever you have internet.

  • Yes... the kit is very complete. You will however have to provide the mast/pole that the sensors will mount on.

  • You need a pole to mount it on and some additional Cat 3 cable if you exceed the 100 foot.

β“πŸ‘‰What cable(s) are required to connect the components? Are they included in the package? Length of cable(s)?

  • All the cables needed are included in the package. The cable that connects the interior display/program to the exterior base is 100'. All the other cables are 40'. We had no issues with our installation, but we planned our positions before beginning.

  • All our cabled stations come with a 100' (30 meter) cable. (It can be extended up to a recommended maximum of 1,000' 300 meters). The console is powered by an AC-adapter and/or batteries. They also come with a 40' (12 meter) cable for the anemometer so you can mount it separately from the rest of the sensor suite. (It can be extended up to a recommended maximum of 240' 73 meters).

  • What's included: 100 ft (30 m) cable (connects console to sensor suite), 40 ft (12 m) cable (connects anemometer to sensor suite), console, integrated sensor suite, mounting hardware and AC power adapter.

  • All of the necessary cables are included with the product. Thank you

β“πŸ‘‰Does the rain gauge cone have the bird spikes?

  • Yes.

  • Hello, yes it does have the new style rain cone with the bird spikes.

  • Yes it does have bird spikes.

  • 14 bird spikes are packaged separately and you install them into predrilled holes on top of the rain gauge cone.

  • Fantastic. Thanks! My wife loves it but clearing clogs is dangerous on my rooftop. I was just about to move it to a far less ideal weather location to make it easier to clear. Ill try this first.

  • Yes it does

β“πŸ‘‰Can you send data to Wunderground from this unit. If so, how?

  • Yes you can. Instruction can be seen here: https://www.davisnet.com/product_documents/weather/spec_sheets/6152C_6162C_SS.pdf

β“πŸ‘‰Does the cabled version give real-time data, i.e. wind speed/direction, or update every 30 seconds?

  • Cabled and wireless are both real-time. It will update the wind speed and direction every 2.5 seconds, 10-minute average every minute. Outside temp updates every 10 seconds; humidity every minute; rain every 20 seconds; atmospheric pressure every minute.

  • Screen 1: Active Transmitters; Screen 1 displays the message β€œReceiving from...” and shows the transmitters being received by the console. In addition, an β€œX” blinks in the lower right-hand corner of the screen every time the console receives a data packet from a station. About every 2 to 3 seconds between updates.

  • The cabled version update time is typically every 10 to 12 seconds.

  • It is in real time, you can see momentary gusts as well as direction changes.

β“πŸ‘‰I don't have internet, wi-fi, a router, etc at my home. What will it take for this system to allow me to check the weather online?

  • You need the Vantage Connect, which is basically a cellular modem in a box. According to the Davis website it costs $750, and then you'll need to choose an annual service plan. Your best bet is to get internet at your house, and then you'll still need to buy the $295 WeatherLink IP dongle.

β“πŸ‘‰I want to put the station in a location that is too remote for cable or wi-fi. I don't need instant data. Is there a data logger built into the unit?

  • Yes we have a product for that, please read Vantage Connect details for remote applications.

β“πŸ‘‰Which Davis models function without internet, do hourly data logging, and allow sporatic connection to a pc for downloading logs?

  • To any of the current Davis weather stations with a console/receiver you can add the 6510USB WeatherLink USB data logger record data and download to a local computer.

  • Not sure I understand your question but, I have the vantage pro 2. I did not buy the the internet "connection adapter" as of yet. That's another $150 + . Without that you can not download your information... Pro 2 will keep some records like highs and lows for the day, month and year. They have the weatherlink system but again that needs it own PC to run 24/7. Hope I helped a little.

  • Our stations come ready to send data to the console, sending packets every 2.5 seconds. If you want to access that data online or store it on a PC, you will need to add a data logger. It sounds like you need a WeatherLink USB data logger. It plugs into your console and stores data (how much depends on the archive update you choose). You can then move the data logger to your computer and download it using free WeatherLink software.

β“πŸ‘‰Does this measure barometric pressure?

  • Yes

β“πŸ‘‰In product information (it states) temperature = none | humidity = none | barometric (pls see ad on Amazon). What does it mean?

  • I am not sure what you are referring to. As the leading distributor, I can tell you all our Vantage Pro2 stations measure inside and outside humidity, inside and outside temperature, and barometric pressure. The inside temp and hum as well as the barometric pressure sensors are in the console, while the outside temp and hum sensor is in is the outside sensor suite.

β“πŸ‘‰Cabled or wireless not sure which one?

  • Cable is much more reliable if you can run a cable. We have had ours for four years.

β“πŸ‘‰How do i get customer support?

You may contact the nearest distributor of Davis Instruments from your location.

β“πŸ‘‰Does the cable cary data? or is it just for power? I want a system that does not use wireless.

  • Cable carries power and signal (data). No wireless. I added an additional 200 feet of Cat 4 cable that I bought from home depot for $35. Cables uses a standard RJ11 (telephone) connector. My system has been up and running for about 8 months.

  • Bought it as a present for someone who did not want wireless. he didn't want to contend with batteries. so to the best of my understanding this system needs cable to carry data. person who did not want wireless is very happy with this system.

  • It carries all data too. No wireless involved at all, which is what I wanted.

  • Yes the cable carries the data, that is why I bought this system. The last Davis system I bought was cabled and it lasted over 25 years before the reed switch on the water gauge failed. The new system has a lot better software built into the display.

  • The model that says (Cabled) has a data cable. It may carry low-voltage power too.

  • The cable version does carry data on the cable.

β“πŸ‘‰Has anyone heard of this cabled weather station interfering with ham radio operation when mounted on a ham tower?

  • Notwithstanding that all things are possible, the chances of interference are nil.

β“πŸ‘‰What does the cable connect to, the pc, phone jack or an outlet and then is anything else required or will it be ready to go?

  • The "cable" of the cabled Vantage Pro2 connects the console to the weather instruments outside. The ends look like a standard phone jack, but unlike standard phone cable, all 4 conductors are wired. It carries both power and data to/from the weather instruments The Vantage console does not, out of the box, connect to a PC. You have to buy the separate software, and that includes a USB widget that attaches to the console.

  • I received mine and it was ready to go. One very long phone type cable going from the collection equipment mounted outside and the other end to the display. I also received a cable for a usb connection to go from the station to the PC.

  • I'm not set up to connect to a PC. It may be possible but that would be an add-on. The cable is basically phone wire, it runs from the outside weather sensing unit to the wall mounted viewer. That said we have had two Lacrosse units. The first was similar to this in that it was cable connected. It worked until some of the parts stopped working and you can't get them fixed. Then we got unit that was not hardwired. It frequently lost the signal and was hard to get reset. We have been exceedingly impressed with the Davis from the start and highly recommend it.

  • we also bought Davis Instruments WeatherLink USB Software that connects to the USB port on your computer. The USB software included a little module that plugged into the weather station controller. There was a time when one could connect directly to the weather station using RS232 but I don't think that is available any longer.