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FAQ for 6120 : Does it need to be connected to a pc for web access?

Answer 01 The weather station broadcasts to the weatherlink via radio. No connection needed. The weatherlink needs to be connected to your WiFi Pleas…

FAQ for 6120 : Are other sensor types available to use with weatherlink in addition to the vantage outdoor station? if so where are they sold? from Davis directly?

Answer 01 You may look for Davis sensor accessories and ensure that you have the proper product item for your weather station. Please keep in mind th…

FAQ for 6120 : How does it measure rainfall?

Answer 01 It uses what is called a tipping bucket. There is a double sided scoop on a pivot, when it fills with rain it pivots and a magnet swings pa…

FAQ for 6120 : Does WeatherLink upload my in-house temp/humidity to the cloud for my remote viewing?

Answer 01 Yes. If you purchased the Weatherlink Live, you set up a free account with Davis and download the Davis Weatherlink app you can see all you…

FAQ for 6120 : Are these the same components as a 6250 vantage vue wireless weather station with LCD console + a 6100 weatherlink live ?

Answer 01 Yes, this 6120 Vantage Vue & WeatherLink Live Bundle with Console is a package that includes both the 6250 Vantage Vue weather station …

FAQ for 6120 : How easy/hard is it to connect this device to the Weather Underground?

Answer 01 Easy as 1,2,3. You can do it inside your weatherlink account. Please keep in mind that this is a commonly asked question for the  product 6…

Common questions

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Do you repair a Davis Instruments vantage pro 2?

Yes, we repaired a Davis Instruments product as well as the vantage pro 2.

Where are you located?

We are located at Building 1 Suite 714 EGI City By The Sea Maribago Lapu-Lapu City Cebu 6015 Philippines.

I need a good weather station. Can you recommend one?

Please contact us so that we can discuss your weather station requirements. Call our general manager, Jun Rebayno, at 0905-285-5057. Thank you very much.

Do you install automated weather stations?

We sell and provide service for the Davis Automatic Weather Station. Thank you very much.