FAQ for 6250 : Does this have to hook up to your comp? my bro doesn't have mac

Answer 01

  • No - the console it comes with is a stand alone display. No computer necessary unless you buy their extra software (~$125) that allows you to record all the weather data on your computer. But the console only keeps track of the last 24 hours worth of weather data. So if you want to know what the temperature was two weeks ago, you need a computer and their software.

Answer 02

  • You don't have to hook it up to a computer but that is where most of the bars and graphs are. otherwise you do get yearly and monthly, daily amounts of rain ,wind, etc from the base unit.

Answer 03

  • One of the other answers here is mistaken, where they say the console only stores data for 24 hours. It keeps data for 24 months. I have used this weather station for over 10 years. It is a great system. If you have any problems Davis stands behind their products. This is just the opposite of Lacrosse, which makes disposable weather instruments.

Answer 04

  • I feed software on my computer. I use the "Weather Tracker" software which feeds my data to the internet. It is easy to setup and gives you and the internet all the data needed for good weather data. I also feed WEATHERUNDERGOUND with the software works great.

Answer 05

  • You may connect to a computer, but not necessary, I don't have mine connected. Works great once it's set up.

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