FAQ for 6120 : Is this able to measure snowfall? How does that process work?

Answer 01

No, only rain.

Answer 02

The Vantage Vue is not able to measure snowfall. Davis does not offer any snow monitoring sensors.

Answer 03

I am not able to answer that, since I live in Tennessee and we don't get very much snow. It will measure rainfall accurately. I would suggest that with snow, you measure with a yardstick after it falls, maybe taking 3 or 4 measurements and averaging to account for drifting. Try to find areas away from buildings where the drifting is minimal.

Answer 04

No, it does not measure snowfall. Davis sells a heater system that allows you to melt snow and measure it as precipitation. That’s not part of this system. If you want to measure unmelted snow, I think you’d have to do it manually.

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