FAQ for 6250 : How do you keep bird crap out of the rain collector?

Answer 01

Bird spikes should be at least an option. I had to buy the extra bird spike adapter to keep birds from pooping in the collector or build a nest. Its very simple!!!

Answer 02

1. I have the transmitter mounted well clear of trees and have never seen a bird come even close to landing on it.; 2. It has a screen filter that is removable for cleaning. Check out the manual for instructions. It is recommended once a year or as needed.; 3. I guess I have no practical experience that would help you. Thanks for asking!

Answer 03

When the bird (regardless of gender) starts to pee, without hesitation take a salt shaker & put salt on it's tail! That should solve the problem. I recall from my "BSofA" that birds (regardless of gender) do not enjoy salt on tail. One more piece of advice: Never ever watch the A. Hitchcock film titled: "The Birds". Have a great day, Larry

Answer 04

I have nothing to add to the other answers. Clean out the filter and hope you don't have to do it very often.

Answer 05

That has not been a issue.

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