FAQ for 6250 : Is this unit upgradeable like the Pro versions? Should I spend the extra money to get the pro version?

Answer 01

There are apparently no hardware add-ons like the Pro version. There are interface add-ons to allow computer and web attachment. So, it depends on what upgrades you are talking about. All manuals are downloadable from the Davis web site so you can read up on all of the stuff ahead of time.

Answer 02

I do not know if it can be upgraded. I bought the basic unit and it works perfectly. The instruments are in the back yard about 25 yards away and the console is right by my desk. It has more functions than I can keep up with, but the basic ones are on display all the time. Only irritation I found was when I changed batteries, I did not plug it in and I lost some historical data, like year to date rainfall. I keep the console plugged in now. I think you can buy a data logger for this one and send it to your computer if you are a real weather nerd. More than I need. Great little unit and I would recommend it highly.

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