Davis 6120 Bundle with Vantage Vue and WeatherLink Live and Console

This product is a bundle that contains an ISS, Data logger, and Console display.

👉Does this display wind speed in knots?

  • Yes you can view the wind speed in Knots.

  • Yes. You can pick knots in the setup or change it anytime with the Weatherlink software.

👉What is the total shipping weight and total shipping size of the entire bundle?

  • Hello. the package is 17.5 x 15 x 7.25 inches; 6.7 Pounds. Thank you

👉Does this record its own historical data eg. average wind speed/day/week/month, rainfall, temp. etc..?

  • This bundle is has no data logger, please buy the bundle with data logger included. That's 6120.

👉Will this link to Wunderground?

  • Yes by using the Weatherlink Live.

👉What is all interconnected? The weatherlink to network and display unit? Can this all be hardwired and Wi-Fi isn't available.

  • You do not need your own wifi. If you do not have wifi, the weather station comes with an ethernet cable to plug the Weatherlink into a router (to access your information via the internet. The weatherstation talks to the display station via its own network.


  • The Vantage Vue sensor suite sends out a broad signal. Both the display console and the WeatherLink Live will receive the signal data. The WeatherLink Live will take the data and connect to your internet wifi to upload to our WeatherLink cloud to view online and our mobile app.

👉Is this able to measure snowfall? How does that process work?

  • No, only rain.

  • The Vantage Vue is not able to measure snowfall. Davis does not offer any snow monitoring sensors.

  • I am not able to answer that, since I live in Tennessee and we don't get very much snow. It will measure rainfall accurately. I would suggest that with snow, you measure with a yardstick after it falls, maybe taking 3 or 4 measurements and averaging to account for drifting. Try to find areas away from buildings where the drifting is minimal.

  • No, it does not measure snowfall. Davis sells a heater system that allows you to melt snow and measure it as precipitation. That’s not part of this system. If you want to measure unmelted snow, I think you’d have to do it manually.

👉Does this include the mounting pole kit to mount the outdoor station?

  • This bundle does not include a mounting pole. I hope this helps. Thank you.

  • No, you must provide your own mounting system.

👉How easy/hard is it to connect this device to the Weather Underwound?

  • Easy as 1,2,3. You can do it inside your weatherlink account.

👉Are these the same components as a 6250 vantage vue wireless weather station with LCD console + a 6100 weatherlink live ?

  • Yes, this 6120 Vantage Vue & WeatherLink Live Bundle with Console is a package that includes both the 6250 Vantage Vue weather station along with the 6100 WeatherLink Live.

👉Does WeatherLink upload my in-house temp/humidity to the cloud for my remote viewing?

  • Yes. If you purchased the Weatherlink Live, you set up a free account with Davis and download the Davis Weatherlink app you can see all your readings from anywhere including your in-house temp and humidity (Wi-Fi or cell connection required of course).

  • Yes, by using WeatherLink for that. You’ll be able to see all the measurements with the WeatherLink app.

👉How does it measure rainfall?

  • It uses what is called a tipping bucket. There is a double sided scoop on a pivot, when it fills with rain it pivots and a magnet swings past some kind of magnetic switch and records .01". Every time it pivots it records another .01-.

  • Yes it does.

👉Are other sensor types available to use with weatherlink in addition to the vantage outdoor station? if so where are they sold? from Davis directly?

  • You may look for davis sensor accessories and ensure that you have the proper product item for your weather station.

👉Does it need to be connected to a pc for web access?

  • The weather station broadcasts to the weatherlink via radio. No connection needed. The weatherlink needs to be connected to your WiFi