FAQ for 6250 : Can you simply mount the station to the top of a privacy fence on a townhouse deck (2 x 4 lumber across the top) and get okay readings?

Answer 01

Probably OK readings but less than ideal when measuring wind speed. A better location would be above the roofline to minimize obstructions that would block the wind, but if you can't mount it there or can't get it there safely, then on the fence would probably be OK.

Answer 02

Yes you mount it to a privacy fence but will need to mount it so the wind direction vane an bottom of the unit are free for movement.

Answer 03

I have my unit mounted on a pole about 1 foot above a patio covering. It appears to work OK. The directions suggest that the unit be mounted on a pole about 33 feet above the ground if I remember correctly.

Answer 04

I would say yes though ours is on a pole without any structures or trees around it.

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