FAQ for 6250 : In the pictures I see some folks have attached the unit to their roof. Doesn't that skew the temperature readings?

Answer 01

Rusty it will depend upon how close you are mounting the unit to the roof and if it is in a wind or shadow zone if you can you will want to mount it off to the side of the roof where it can get a clear wind flow and not get reflective heat from your roof.

Answer 02

Don't mount on or near your roof-yes it will affect your temp reading. The directions even state that info.

Answer 03

The answer would be yes! Unless you use the tripod and are sure to extend the height at which the station sits! The tripod plus the extra pole to get it at least 4-6 feet above the roof. May not be perfect, but should do a decent job.

Answer 04

The standard height is 1.5 meters. Temperature decreases above the surface of the ground.

Answer 05

It certainly could, and likely would. It has mounting instructions with it, describing the best locations for true readings.

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