FAQ for 6250 : On the Davis weather stations, what is the best software for pc users to upload data to weather underground?

Answer 01

The best software I have found is Weather Display which allows anyone using a Davis Vantage Vue/Pro2 sensor suite paired with a Davis WeatherLink Live to upload directly to Weather Underground in real time every 3 seconds. 

Answer 02

I bought Weather link from Davis and then downloaded Wunderground v.1.15 from the weather underground and it works great for me. You need weather link to download from the Vantage Vue to your computer and the Wunderground v.1.15 to upload to the Weatherunderground. On the weather underground there are directions on how to set up the software.

Answer 03

I use Cumulus (Free!), which does everything that paid programs do and maybe better. It works with all Davis weather stations. Good luck!

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