FAQ for 6250 : Is it possible to hook this system up to Wi-Fi and have it upload automatically without a computer?

Answer 01

I'm not sure. I've seen some confusing, conflicting info on that. You would need the WeatherLinkIP software to do that, and the system requirements for WeatherLinkIP says "A Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2, or Vantage console, or a Weather Envoy". That would seem to imply that having any Vantage console would work. I have my PC running 24/7, so I connected the Vantage Vue console directly to my PC for uploading data to the internet. So I don't have experience with WeatherLinkIP. You may want to contact Davis directly for a definitive answer before making a purchase. 

Answer 02

You can get the WeatherLinkIP logger instead of the USB logger and hook it up to your Wi-Fi router directly and avoid using a computer (that's the way I set up my Vantage Vue), but I believe you need to use a computer for initial setup (it's been a while - 4 years - since I set up mine.)

Answer 03

The radios in each unit are not Wi-Fi. You can purchase the data logger dongle that plugs into, the console. Then plug the data logger into a self contained weather server that connects to the Internet with Wi-Fi. The servers are kind of expensive. Davis should try to integrate that feature into their next generation consoles so they can directly communicate to weather underground for example.

Answer 04

Without the circuit diagrams it is impossible to give a coherent answer. Call Davis or distributor near you.

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