Davis 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station (no data logger)

This product is a bundle that contains an ISS and Console display only.

β“πŸ‘‰Looking to get a weather station to mount to my roof/side that is networkable and can access via phone app/web interface. recommendations?

  • You can upload to WeatherLink.com and access your data on your computer or smartphone with WeatherLink mobile app. You do need a Davis data logger to do this, as well as the station.

  • The best web interface, IMHO, is to install use Davis' WeatherLink software, then install the Weather Underground plugin and upload your data to wunderground.com. Forget the problems of running your own web page server etc. I tried it and its a lot of maintenance. True Davis' software is 1990's vintage. No modern UI. But once you get past installing the RS-232 serial to USB converter software (silicon labs dll - yup that old!!) it all works. I am running it on Windows 8.1. So once you get your station (the vantage vue is great), get yourself a Wunderground account and set up your personal weather station site with them. It is less hassle than developing your won website.

  • The Davis Vantage Vue is a fantastic choice for a weather station. I have owned one for a few years. I first started with the USB interface to connect to a desktop PC. That worked very well for a while, but with power outages lasting longer than my UPS would handle, I would lose connectivity to wunderground.com until I restarted it. Finally, the hard drive died, not the fault of the weather station or software. I then opted for the direct to network plugin called WeatherLinkIP. This allows you to go direct from the console to your router WITHOUT A PC to stop or fail..... The only maintenance I have done is replace the battery in the weather station after about every two years. The hardest part of the installation is making sure that you actually know where NORTH is to point the station.

β“πŸ‘‰Does this have to hook up to your comp? my bro doesn't have mac

  • No - the console it comes with is a stand alone display. No computer necessary unless you buy their extra software (~$125) that allows you to record all the weather data on your computer. But the console only keeps track of the last 24 hours worth of weather data. So if you want to know what the temperature was two weeks ago, you need a computer and their software.

  • You don't have to hook it up to a computer but that is where most of the bars and graphs are. otherwise you do get yearly and monthly, daily amounts of rain ,wind, etc from the base unit.

  • One of the other answers here is mistaken, where they say the console only stores data for 24 hours. It keeps data for 24 months. I have used this weather station for over 10 years. It is a great system. If you have any problems Davis stands behind their products. This is just the opposite of LaCrosse, which makes disposable weather instruments.

  • I feed software on my computer. I use the "Weather Tracker" software which feeds my data to the internet. It is easy to setup and gives you and the internet all the data needed for good weather data. I also feed WEATHERUNDERGOUND with the software works great.

  • You may connect to a computer, but not necessary, I don't have mine connected. Works great once it's set up.

β“πŸ‘‰Highest recordable wind speed?

According to the book.

2 to 180 mph

2 to 156 knots

1 to 80 m/s

3 to 290 km/h

However if you are in a hurricane/tornado and you get a 180MPH wind I would bet whatever supporting structure the unit was on would be somewhere down the road.

β“πŸ‘‰Does this unit have the ability to send its data to a central weather service-- such as Weather Underground? If so, anything additionally needed?

  • I believe that if there is a computer connection on the readout, the file created in your computer may be in a format that can be sent. You would have to download from the unit and see what you get and see if the weather service could use the file. There used to be local weather nets that took data from private sources.

  • Yes the Davis 6250 has the ability to do just that with additional hardware an software.

  • Yes. And yes, you need the USB interface (comes with WeatherLink USB Software). I don't use the WeatherLink software though (see my review), I use the WUHU software (free) instead and am very pleased with it.

β“πŸ‘‰Can you forego the console and just monitor sensors from a PC? That way two people could use it. Or would you need two consoles?

  • I believe you have to have the monitor with it. It has the antenna to receive wifi from the actual weather station.

  • As far as I know, there is no way for a PC to communicate directly with one of these WX stations. Further, connecting a PC to one of the _consoles_ requires the purchase of an adaptor from Davis. Davis sells the consoles separately specifically to allow monitoring one station from two (nearby) locations.

β“πŸ‘‰Does it come with a console?

  • It comes with a display station about 6" tall and 8" wide. The stand on the bottom with buttons for items displayed makes it about 6 inches deep.

  • Yes it does. It uses 3 C - cell batteries for uninterruptable power but also has a low voltage transformer that plugs into the wall. The console has multiple functions that let you graphically display trends. I particularly like the back light capability. This is a quality unit.

  • Yes it comes with an illuminated console...really great!

  • Yes there an LCD console.

  • Yes it comes with a console.

β“πŸ‘‰Does the console use batteries or do you have to plug it in to an outlet for power?

  • The console can be powered by battery or by the supplied AC cord.

  • It uses solar power and a back up lithium battery which need be replaced every few years.

  • Either or both

  • The home touch screen monitor that plugs in to an outlet, i think it has a battery backup like my old oregon scientific (do NOT buy that product, it constantly breaks---i learned my lesson after buying 4 of them, dumb me, right?). my nephew set up the entire system for me 2 years ago (if it has batteries, i have not yet replaced them).

β“πŸ‘‰What makes this model so expensive compared to others, like the Ambient Weather 2902C?

  • It’s simply better. I have bought other weather systems with relocations and had them fail within a year. I have a Davis in Mexico on the Sea of Cortez and another in Oregon. Both have been through harsh weather and are still working great.

β“πŸ‘‰Can you simply mount the station to the top of a privacy fence on a townhouse deck (2 x 4 lumber across the top) and get okay readings?

  • Probably OK readings but less than ideal when measuring wind speed. A better location would be above the roofline to minimize obstructions that would block the wind, but if you can't mount it there or can't get it there safely, then on the fence would probably be OK.

  • Yes you mount it to a privacy fence but will need to mount it so the wind direction vane an bottom of the unit are free for movement.

  • I have my unit mounted on a pole about 1 foot above a patio covering. It appears to work OK. The directions suggest that the unit be mounted on a pole about 33 feet above the ground if I remember correctly.

  • I would say yes though ours is on a pole without any structures or trees around it.

β“πŸ‘‰In S. Hemisphere you will need to point north. Will this make the wind direction readings reversed and if so can this be remedied?

  • You want to set up Weather Station so that the solar panel points due NORTH in Southern Hemisphere for maximum exposure of sunlight (pg. 7 of integrated Sensor Suite manual). The side with the anemometer points toward the Southern Cross). Then use wind calibration feature (pg. 27 of Vantage Vue console manual) after instrument is mounted in final position to set compass in direction the anemometer is pointing. Even in the Southern Hemisphere, East is still east and west is west. Wind speed will be inaccurate unless device is placed at elevation of about 11 meters well free of obstructions like trees or buildings. The manuals will be quite helpful.

  • Wow I had to really look for this one. The answer is YES. On page 7 of the Sensor Manual it refers you to page 27 of the Console Manual. The console manual explains how to calibrate the wind direction indication for use in the Southern Hemisphere. The Davis weather stations are the best by far for home use. Trust me on that one. Good luck.

  • North and south are exactly the same in the southern hemisphere as the northern. Point north if you want correct wind direction indications.

  • You point the solar panel to the sun then you can change the wind direction in the settings. I am in the northern hemisphere and I had to do it to mine.

β“πŸ‘‰Can you add sensors

  • Per the manual "07395-261_IM_06351.pdf " it can also receive data from the Advantage Pro 2 weather station.

  • Not with the soft ware that exists with the base unit

β“πŸ‘‰Does it have an atomic clock

  • I assume you're really asking if the system has a radio clock that recieves the UTC signal from the government's atomic clock. As far as I can tell, it does not. Part of the wireless console setup is to input current date, time, time zone, daylight savings options, etc. It appears to keep very good time once setup is complete, but as far as I can tell, it does not get any outside signal to update time.

  • It does not. However, some weather software can update the console clock to match the PC clock, and the PC's clock can be synced to atomic time over the Internet. So, indirectly, the clock can be kept accurate. Cumulus software (freeware) does this, for example.

  • I have to set the time and date, so I'm assuming there isn't an atomic clock.

  • No, it doesn't.

β“πŸ‘‰How much does the sensor suite weigh?

  • Davis doesn't give the weight, but it's one to two pounds.

  • Three to five pounds.....

β“πŸ‘‰Is it possible to hook this system up to Wi-Fi and have it upload automatically without a computer?

  • I'm not sure. I've seen some confusing, conflicting info on that. You would need the WeatherLinkIP software to do that, and the system requirements for WeatherLinkIP says "A Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2, or Vantage console, or a Weather Envoy". That would seem to imply that having any Vantage console would work. I have my PC running 24/7, so I connected the Vantage Vue console directly to my PC for uploading data to the internet. So I don't have experience with WeatherLinkIP. You may want to contact Davis directly for a definitive answer before making a purchase.

  • You can get the WeatherLinkIP logger instead of the USB logger and hook it up to your Wi-Fi router directly and avoid using a computer (that's the way I set up my Vantage Vue), but I believe you need to use a computer for initial setup (it's been a while - 4 years - since I set up mine.)

  • The radios in each unit are not Wi-Fi. You can purchase the data logger dongle that plugs into, the console. Then plug the data logger into a self contained weather server that connects to the Internet with Wi-Fi. The servers are kind of expensive. Davis should try to integrate that feature into their next generation consoles so they can directly communicate to weather underground for example.

  • Without the circuit diagrams it is impossible to give a coherent answer. Call Davis or distributor near you.

β“πŸ‘‰On the Davis weather stations what is the best software for pc users to upload data to weather underground

  • The best software I have found is Weather Display which allows anyone using a Davis Vantage Vue/Pro2 sensor suite paired with a Davis WeatherLink Live to upload directly to Weather Underground in real time every 3 seconds.

  • I bought Weather link from Davis and then downloaded Wunderground v.1.15 from the weather underground and it works great for me. You need weather link to download from the Vantage Vue to your computer and the Wunderground v.1.15 to upload to the Weatherunderground. On the weather underground there are directions on how to set up the software.

  • I use Cumulus (Free!), which does everything that paid programs do and maybe better. It works with all Davis weather stations. Good luck!

β“πŸ‘‰Can I send the weather info to my Iphone?

β“πŸ‘‰In the pictures I see some folks have attached the unit to their roof. Doesn't that skew the temperature readings?

  • Rusty it will depend upon how close you are mounting the unit to the roof and if it is in a wind or shadow zone if you can you will want to mount it off to the side of the roof where it can get a clear wind flow and not get reflective heat from your roof.

  • Don't mount on or near your roof-yes it will affect your temp reading. The directions even state that info.

  • The answer would be yes! Unless you use the tripod and are sure to extend the height at which the station sits! The tripod plus the extra pole to get it at least 4-6 feet above the roof. May not be perfect, but should do a decent job.

  • The standard height is 1.5 meters. Temperature decreases above the surface of the ground.

  • It certainly could, and likely would. It has mounting instructions with it, describing the best locations for true readings.

β“πŸ‘‰Does this software work with a Mac?

  • The weather station does NOT come with software to interface with a computer. You have to buy that separate. You would want "Davis WeatherLink 6520 Software Data Logger & Cable for MACINTOSH"

β“πŸ‘‰Have any users had the anemometer survive maximum Cat 3 hurricane winds?

  • Not us. We have not had a storm of that magnitude hit us in the 35 years we have lived here (Deep South Texas).

  • I haven't and hope to not.

β“πŸ‘‰Which weather station is best for Alaska, wind velocity and direction, plus works in subzero temperatures, airplanes involved in summer?

  • For extreme conditions such as Alaska, the 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 would be a better solution than the Vantage Vue.

  • Vantage Vue works good here in Kansas. Just went through some sub zero temps. Very accurate on rainfall as I have a manual read rain gauge and usually within .01” of each other. I don’t know what you are asking about as far as airplanes. I really like it. Worked flawlessly so far.

  • I love my system but live in California. Contact davisinstruments.com support and ask them. -Steve

β“πŸ‘‰Which weather station is best for Alaska, wind velocity and direction, plus works in subzero temperatures, airplanes involved in summer?

  • For extreme conditions such as Alaska, the 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 would be a better solution than the Vantage Vue.

  • Vantage Vue works good here in Kansas. Just went through some sub zero temps. Very accurate on rainfall as I have a manual read rain gauge and usually within .01” of each other. I don’t know what you are asking about as far as airplanes. I really like it. Worked flawlessly so far.

  • I love my system but live in California. Contact davisinstruments.com support or distributor near you and ask them. -Steve

β“πŸ‘‰How do you keep bird crap out of the rain collector

  • Bird spikes should be at least an option. I had to buy the extra bird spike adapter to keep birds from pooping in the collector or build a nest. Its very simple!!!

  • 1. I have the transmitter mounted well clear of trees and have never seen a bird come even close to landing on it.; 2. It has a screen filter that is removable for cleaning. Check out the manual for instructions. It is recommended once a year or as needed.; 3. I guess I have no practical experience that would help you. Thanks for asking!

  • When the bird (regardless of gender) starts to pee, without hesitation take a salt shaker & put salt on it's tail! That should solve the problem. I recall from my "BSofA" that birds (regardless of gender) do not enjoy salt on tail. One more piece of advice: Never ever watch the A. Hitchcock film titled: "The Birds". Have a great day, Larry

  • I have nothing to add to the other answers. Clean out the filter and hope you don't have to do it very often.

  • That has not been a issue.

β“πŸ‘‰Anyway to connect the sensor array to an ethernet switch rather than use the built-in wireless feature?

  • No way that I can see. The unit is all encased into one piece with no Ethernet connections.

  • Does not appear to be outfitted for ethernet.

  • Yes you can, use the WeatherLinkIP kit

β“πŸ‘‰Can this unit monitor additional temperature remote sensors and can the software send email alerts re those additional remote sensors ?

  • From what the instructions say. YES

β“πŸ‘‰Is it compatable with mac and is it compatable with weatherunderground and weathersnoop3

  • This item is compatible with the Davis WeatherLink 6520 Software Data Logger & Cable for MACINTOSH

  • Yes, it can use MAC software to make it work with Weather Underground.

β“πŸ‘‰Is this unit upgradeable like the Pro versions? Shoud I spend the extra money to get the pro version?

  • There are apparently no hardware add-ons like the Pro version. There are interface add-ons to allow computer and web attachment. So, it depends on what upgrades you are talking about. All manuals are downloadable from the Davis web site so you can read up on all of the stuff ahead of time.

  • I do not know if it can be upgraded. I bought the basic unit and it works perfectly. The instruments are in the back yard about 25 yards away and the console is right by my desk. It has more functions than I can keep up with, but the basic ones are on display all the time. Only irritation I found was when I changed batteries, I did not plug it in and I lost some historical data, like year to date rainfall. I keep the console plugged in now. I think you can buy a data logger for this one and send it to your computer if you are a real weather nerd. More than I need. Great little unit and I would recommend it highly.

β“πŸ‘‰Does this adapt to metric system (meter-kilometer) or only english system (inches-miles)? Does it give temperature in Ceclius?

  • Yes, you can easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius. The same goes with other English/metric switches. The manual is at 07395-261_IM_06351.pdf.

  • Temperature can be changed to Celsius. The rest in inches and MPH.

  • The manual does say it can be calibrated in metric. It is a setup option.

  • It has the ability to do metric and F and C. So the answer is Yes.

β“πŸ‘‰What alarms are included with the Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station? In the description, it states that there are 22 alarms

  • Barometer, pressure trends rising and falling, Humidity in and out H/L, Dew point H/L, Rain flash flood 15 min & 24 hour, Storm, Rain Rate Hi, Temp in and out H/L, Heat index H, Wind Chill L, Wind speed H & 10 min average, Time and Date, & Evapotranspiration (for Pro2+ with solar radiation sensor).

  • I don't know all of them... there's a freeze one. wind temp rain and so on. I bought the software that went with it and I monitor it on my phone and computers I was driving home yesterday and saw a big cloud where I live so I checked my phone and saw that I had got .25 inches of rain and the wind was around 10mph. This is my second weather station and I love it.

  • I never use alarms. Having said that my recollection is that virtually any item the station reports can have an alarm set so that when a certain data point is reached the alarm will go off. For example when freezing temperature is reached the alarm goes off. I have silenced all of mine.

β“πŸ‘‰Where is the product made?

  • The Vantage View is made in the U.S. with some imported parts.

  • It is made in the USA with imported parts. Sorry it took so long to answer.

β“πŸ‘‰Does the 6250 come with the indoor console as well as the outside station? Description mentions LCD screen console but no pictures are provided.

  • Yes, the indoor LCD screen console is included, i.e., it is a complete system. I purchased and installed the 6250 system in March 2011. Installation was easy and the weather station has worked flawlessly.